Wednesday, January 17, 2007


One of my toughest assignements yet.

It´s very hard for me to draw superheros, and this particular client wanted me to do a superhero Jim Lee style. I tried to do that, and I came out with the character design for the print materials. They loved it so much that it created a big expectation on how the actual movie would be. But...

One thing is a single pin up, the other thing is to animate it. And aaaaarghhh it was tough! The film just kept coming and going back to the client and they weren´t pleased with anything.

The final result is far from satisfatory to me, but I as actually impressed by myself as I never thought I could draw Superhero´s Marvel style.


Anonymous said...

és um artista..quando for grande kero ser como tu..
nao, agora asério, controlas msm mt, ainda tenho mt k aprender contigo sr. prof, asta..

Vytor said...

e como tudo e preciso teinar . nao ficar so por aquilo que sabemos ,expandir horizontes ;)
força ai.