Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Mute (Disturbance)- Blunder

Created in 2003 and produced single handed in one month!
I was asked to make a music video for this Portuguese band called Blunder. The music, as well as the whole album, was based on an original Story where the main character, William, didn´t speak. In this song we experience the willingness of the character to be heard. As I heard the pitch, I went home and finished the storyboard and the animatic in a couple of days. Then, after aproval, I started the animation process. There wasn´t much time. The record company needed the final product within a month, but I didn´t want to do anything limited, and, as I wanted to prove myself I could do it on my own, the only solution was to work like a dog...
Most of the animation jobs I get don´t give me time to even think about what I´m doing. Every client I get want´s a finished animation piece for the next week or two. I actually like this kind of chalenge as I´m aspiring to become the fastest animator on the face of the earth (I know, Ub Iwerks, I´m still nothing compared to you). I started working every morning at 10 am and only stopped to eat. Then I would go back to the drawing board and every day finished working at 2 am. Once a week I would go to the client to show the finished shots and I would take the rest of the day off just to keep my sanity.
The whole animation is made with a paintbrush so that I could achieve the particular look I was aiming for, and then scanned in and painted digitally. I used two or three layers of dirt in front of each shot and had them animated left to right and other right to left, so there´s allways this fog surrounding the characters.On top of all that, I filmed a blank 8mm film projected onto a sand white wall, and used it to create an old movie atmosphere.
By the end of the deadline, I actually needed a bit of help, so I asked my wife to animate the rain shot. The one where you see the rain falling right on the camera. That´s the only shot I didn´t do.
After all my shots were completed, the film was edited and some effects were added, like jitter in the part where William screams at the window. Some colour corrections were made to keep the clip as a whole and voila!

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rogério said...

Grande amigo "jungle", então tens um blog e não dizias nada...gosto de Blunder e saiste-te bem para o timing que tinhas ficou óptimo e trabalhar sozinho, está muito bom...vou-te linkar no meu blog...tenho que ir visitar-te um dia destes..um grande abratoon :)