Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Simplex 2008

Just finished 5 of these!
Fun to animate under the camera, and to look all around for props to use.
This was shot with a digital reflex camera and then digitally treated.


Anonymous said...

Adorei as postagens, te muito jeito, gostav de tirar uam duvida com o professor que me esqueci, sou aluno do colégio são gonçalo, e so queria saber se me poderia dizer o nme do program com que o senhor jorge ribeiro faz as animaço~es com as fotos e desenhos!

obrigado joão barbosa

HK said...

NICE !!!!

Hope all is well!
Any plans for the field trip to The Netherlands yet???

Hans Kloppert
Dordrecht - The Netherlands

rogério said...

Ficou louco :) é teu e da alice? abraço...

Carina Morais said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Jorge,

Thank you soooooo much for leaving that message on Cartoon Brew! However, I was only responsible for the character design/ art direction on the Madagascar 2 credits. Alex Juhasz gets all of the credit for character design on the United Airlines commercials (Dragon & Heart is all him).

I LOVE this Simplex and the Por Ti2007 projects you made. You and your wife make a great team.
I read HK's you go to the Netherlands? I used to live there and I'm anxious to go back and use my Dutch. I don't get to speak Dutch in Los Angeles too often.

Keep up the good work!